All the Beauty Without the Makeup

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So I agreed to a no makeup challenge for a month! I know this seems like an eternity to go makeup free, and the first couple of days were hard. I cheated and used a few extras like bb and tinted moisturizer during that week, but that is our little secret.

For those with a less extreme approach, these tricks could be useful for days you give your face a makeup break.

What I learned was:

  • As the last step after moisturizer and sunscreen, I use face oil as a highlighter. Mine is a mix of organic olive oil and cacao butter (3:1), and I dab it on cheekbone, brow bone, nose bridge, centre of lower lips. This gives a healthy glow, and lasts around 2 hours.
  • Lip balm with a hint of color, I use Innisfree tint lip balm
  • Extra care with my hair to still look polished, like a braid

Another thing that I noticed is that a good brow tint really makes a big difference. It also lasts for a little while so you don’t need to get it done all of the time. Getting your eyelashes and eyebrows tinted will really help bring out the contrast and form. I got an eyelash perm around a month ago and I have to say it still looks good.

Eyelashes and eyebrows make such a difference so if you go makeup free don’t neglect them.

Skin care is also important and you should not drop this off of your list of things to do.

That means use a face cream with a tiny bit of sparkle for a glow. I really like the Banila co dream wedding one because there’s no color or white cast and it dries pretty matte, but if you have huge pores you may want to concentrate it in certain areas.

I know people love Mac Strobe Cream as well.

Then use the soap method to brush your brows and make them appear fuller– maybe also go get them done professionally so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. even if you don’t have full bushy brows, having them cleaned up makes a big difference!

Always have a lip balm or moisturizer, esp. one that has shine so even if your lips are naturally pale (like mine) they look plumper and shiny!

Apply a very small amount of vaseline on your eyelashes in place of clear mascara (works well if your lashes curl well). Pat a little on your eyelids for a glossy look.

The only thing I can’t think of that I would need to complete this super minimal look is blush but that’s just me… I love blush bc it gives such a glowy, lively look.

I guess you can pinch yourself like how they did in the old days but it seems a little painful. Ouch!

Also I like to wear nice earrings to look more put together!