Correcting Hooded Eyes

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Dealing with hooded eyes can be a hassle, liner imprints when you blink etc.. Mine are very unevenly hooded and it drives me nuts. It took a long time and experimenting a lot with various shadow and liner techniques and placements until I was happy.

I use a primer, then stila liquid generally since it’s the longest lasting against oily hooded lids, and then set but within a couple hours I have liner all over my lid and crease area. And of course my eyeshadow has all blended together from simply blinking my hood all night.

This was an amazing visualization that gave me some nice ideas on how to shape the hood. I absolutely love this, thank you! ♥ I just wish it would have been there when I first started. If you have yet to get your hooded eyes worked out this guide will be invaluable to you.

One tip I would like to add is to double prime your eyes.

I use a long wearing cream shadow with a primer on top and if I just use one or the other, crease city. I actually did my eyes on this tutorial one with the long wear cream and primer and the other just primer. But because I wiped my eye makeup off so much my eyes were tearing up and actually ruined both sides so the picture didn’t turn out. But everyday I use a mac paint pot followed by my NYX HD eye primer and never have creasing.

So try layering!

The Maybelline color tattoos work as well but I don’t use it every day since they are mostly shimmering.

I think embracing your features is essential to doing makeup well. Because if you aren’t happy with your face, you won’t be happy with your makeup.

I got a lot of crap from people growing up about my resting face. It has taken a long time for me to get over it but I truly believe makeup is all about having fun so you have to love yourself and love your makeup!