Humidity Fighter

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Humidity where I live can reek havoc on your makeup. When I first started wearing makeup I had the embarrassing problem of it melting. Nobody was able to help me, but in the end I got it worked out.

Use a foundation primer that’s the same consistency of your foundation.

This little trick saved me from looking like I was a snowman a few degrees south of freezing.

To be more exact this is what I do.

If your foundation is water-based, use a water-based primer. You could also use a setting spray but it still won’t make your face produce less oil if you’re oily like me.

That’s when a beauty blotter or blotting papers come in handy.

I use foundation only in the winter since it tends to give me the best results. It is a different type of humid than in the summer.

During humid or hot days I use Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade on my forehead, nose and undereyes.

This will usually lasts 12 hours for me. I also like Cristian Dior waterproof mascaras are amazing, truly lasts all day, next day, and probably more. Less expensive mascaras haven’t worked well for me.

Before I could afford the more expensive brands I would use baby powder. Essentially I would mix it with everything.

I know, the shame.