Make A Face Look Fuller

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What we are going to talk about today is contouring. This is a really important technique to learn, and the sooner you have, the sooner it will allow you to make your face look fuller.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no pro, but I’m confident that I have spent enough time fiddling with my contour to make me look rounder.

  • First I just intuitively splashed my white highlight into the hollows. Definitely immediately see a reduction in depth.
  • Now I’ve got the idea that if I do my contour gradient upside down it might work. Let’s see.
  • It worked great all the way until the darkest color. That just made my cheek-apples look dirty, but when it extended behind the apple towards the temple (that space below the temple in front of the ear) it exacerbated the depth making my apples pop. On you, this may look more angular, or it may make the round part of your cheeks look more round. Highlighting there also flattens. 4. I put white immediately under my lip and the lightest contour powder under that where I would normally highlight. Definitely flattens it; not sure if you want to add flatness.
  • Put white all up around that eye socket, evenly highlight in all the deep parts.
  • I put my light contour directly on my eyebrow in one sweep, with a good dose of highlight under and over it. (as in brown on the actual hairy part, white on the skin over/below) Again, really more flatness than roundedness. But definite reduction of angles if you’re feeling too sharp.
  • I smiled and dashed white into the little pockets at the corners of my mouth, seems to make the cheeks look…. Heavier. Lol. I think I’ve learned a few things to invert on myself to be less round!
  • An oldie but a goodie, for thin lips, use something with a shiny finish and then dab and blend a little light colored lip-safe Eyeshadow or highlight into the center of your bottom lip. It’s very early two thousand pop star but it does what it’s supposed to 🙂

I hope I described stuff clearly, but I already have a semi round face so I’m limited in what I can make rounder.

You can still have nice and thick brows, but make sure not to use a dark color.

For example, I love Maybelline’s Define-a-brow in dark blonde and prefer it over Anastasia’s Ash brown I also own. I have dark brown hair and it works nicely! I’m NC 15ish and I use Hoola Bronzer, but even I need to use a light hand. I know that the Body Shop has lighter bronzer, that’s next up for me when I finish up Hoola. Try the lightest in the range! They also have great deals on quite often.

In terms of using eyeshadow instead, I would think wedge or kid would work well, but they would be pricy to use in the long term as a facial bronzer. If you have access to Inglot products, you can try a shadow from them.

They have a huge selection at very affordable prices.