On Beauty Blenders

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I am planning on buying a beauty blender this week because I’ve heard such great things about them from people that I trust!

I’m super excited to give it a try myself!

I searched for any info on these and was unable to find a whole lot beyond which beauty blender to buy. I’ve already decided on that, so I’m going to share what little bit of information I have collected:

  • It’s primarily used for foundation/concealer, but you can also use it to blend out anything else. It especially helps to blend out blush if you’ve gone too heavy with it and are looking a little too clownish. You can also use it to blend out liquid highlight, blush, and contour.
  • Don’t use a brush. You can use both if you want to, but you can use just the beauty blender as well.
  • Make sure you use it damp. Squeeze out about 95% of the water, then wrap the Beauty Blender in a towel and give it a little extra squeeze. You want to bounce it around on your face (i.e. stipple). It will sheer out the coverage a little bit, but the finish will be incredible. You may need to use more than one layer of foundation. Use the fat end around your face, and the pointier area for more precision.

Some things that I am concerned about:

I would advise against microwaving your sponge as it could degrade the materials and it could heat water inside the sponge, making it a burns risk.

Micorwaving it is a common tip I kept reading, but it seems like a risk, and nobody wants to burn the delicate skin on thier face.

Still bactiria is a concern with the way the sponge is designed.

Bacteria will grow easily in the structure of a sponge regardless of how well you clean it due to the nature of it being filled with moisture and having loads of little pockets, and it isn’t really designed to be sterilised. You are better off cleaning it before and after use, and replacing it regularly. I’d suggest having a few so that your sponge has ample time to dry fully between uses to prevent growth of mould and mildew.

I have read such great things about them, and they seem like a great tool for giving texture, stippling evenly and blending; however because they are difficult to clean and sanitise it is worth buying in bulk and changing your sponge regularly.

I should also note that many sponges are made with latex which means they will degrade if exposed to heat or oil/petroleum based products like vaseline; and they may not be appropriate for people with latex allergies (so always check before use).

If you have some information you want to share maybe you could answer these questions.

  1. Do you just use beauty blenders for foundation or are there other uses?
  2. Do you still use a brush for foundation and use the beauty blender to give it a nice finish, or does the beauty blender completely replace the foundation brush?
  3. Do you have any tips on how to actually apply foundation with the beauty blender (e.g. start at a specific point in your face, make certain motions to apply it, etc.)
  4. Anything else I should know to get the most out of my new beauty blender?

Thanks in advance if you decide to share some advice or help. You won’t just be doing me a favor, you will be a big help to other people as well.