Practical Leather vs. Fashionable Leather

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I certainly will never own a motorcycle, so I don’t really require something that will literally save my delicate skin.

Yet I see a lot of designer jackets filling the market now. And maybe with the thinner/less badass leathers comes a more flattering silhouette, which matters more to a designer than it’s ability to withstand pavement?

The expensive designer jackets are all about the brand and the design. If you really want a quality, durable jacket then there’s no reason to go beyond Schott, Vanson, Lost Worlds, Aero or any other quality jacket makers. The truth is that jackets from these companies are more durable than the high end designers and are generally more “authentic” in that they’re made for actual use.

I find the concept of buying a motorcycle jacket from a company like MMM strange.

You can pay ~$3000 for a calfskin jacket from them or $500-$1500 for a front quarter horsehide jacket from one of the other jacket makers. The MMM jacket would be more comfortable out of the box with it’s lightweight soft leather and it will age quickly to give you “patina” if that’s what you’re looking for but I can understand why guys would want to spend significantly less money you for a durable leather jacket that can take a lifetime of hard use.

I’ve been told that most of the designer jacket manufacturers aren’t even the best for motorcycle riding. If you really want protective gear for riding then you’ll get a jacket with armor in it which doesn’t do much for the wearer’s figure buy helps in the event that they get in an accident.

I have been told that nylon gear is the best from a practical standpoint.

So while I love leather jackets they do not need to do hard work.

And since:

  1. I know nothing about motorcycles
  2. I was pretty sure these kinds of jackets aren’t really going to save your life in a wreck.