Those Ever So Helpful Makeup Tricks

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Brush on the Liner

Instead of using liquid or pencil eyeliner, I use an angled brush and a dark eyeshadow as a liner.

You can use all different colors and it’s a snap to apply. To keep it from falling off I use Smashbox eyelid primer, which keeps it in place and smooths out the skin tone on your eyelids so you look more awake.

Does that count as a trick?

Liquid Eyeliner

If you’re not the greatest with liquid liner I suggest gel eyeliner, it comes in a little pot with a brush to apply it, you can get waterproof or regular and you can get smudgy effects, precision, whatever you want, it’s around $11 and absolutely amazing!

I believe Loreal makes it so you should be able to find it anywhere makeup is sold.

Don’t Skip the Blush

If you wear concealer, make sure you don’t skip the blush.

Get it in a your skin tone, but just a bit more rouge, to make it look like you’re not wearing any. You don’t want a face without color, or you will look sick. Just dust it on with a huge, soft brush and blend until you can barely see it.

If you have sparse eyebrows or, like me, really dark hair and really pale skin, consider filling them in with a pencil just lighter than your hair and then brushing on some brow powder that’s a little darker. Don’t do the pencil too thick, or color outside the lines, or it will be noticeable and cringe-worthy. Just fill in what’s missing – don’t use it to shape the brows. Nearly every model and actress with a ‘natural’ or ‘no-makeup’ look is wearing this.

I know it sounds like something your alcoholic grandmother wears, but if you do it right, you can’t even tell.

Sharpen Pencil Eyeliners

I put my eyeliner in the fridge for a little bit prior to sharpening, I find less product gets wasted in the sharpener.

Eyeshadow First

I put on my eyeshadow first, wipe away fallout/glitter with a makeup removing cloth and then put on my foundation.


Moisturizer with SPF and sunglasses are important to prevent those fine lines that are the first to show up when skin starts to show it’s age.

When it comes to wrinkles and pigmentation prevention is so much better and cheaper than all the hyped up products that will claim to help after the fact.

White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is quite honestly pure magic. You can apply it on your waterline to make your eyes brighter and less tired looking. You can blend it in the inner corner, under your brows, around your cupids bow (so on and so fourth) for highlight and of course use it as a base to make eyeshadows pop much more !