Waterproof Options

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This really isn’t a full list, but a collection of products that I have found that work well with water.

The Kiko Cosmetics colored eyeliners don’t come off in the shower unless I really scrub with eye makeup remover.

I wore Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (the one with the brush tip) into a wet sauna for 15 minutes and a hot tub and my eyeliner still looked flawless at the end. To give you an idea of what I put it through, I was literally dripping after that sauna and rubbing my eyes.

I have also seen that Cargo has a line of “Swimmables” blushes that are supposed to be waterproof, although I haven’t tried them so I can’t say how accurate that is. Then you might be able to get the same effect with Blue Marble. They have a spray that is supposed to help keep on makeup. There’s also Green Marble but I think that one is even way more heavy duty. I believe both are water resistant or water proof though I haven’t tried them either.

One that I do like, in the case of sprays, is Ben Nye final seal. It is amazing, especially if you prime the skin with it and spray at the end.

If you are into indies there’s an indie brand called Beauty Bakerie that has potted eyeliner called GELato that is very waterproof/sweatproof.

There’s tons of colors.

They also have liquid lipsticks that last forever and I believe brow products as well. I’m very happy with everything I’ve bought from them.

They work about on the same level as products from Make Up For Ever with “Aqua” in the name (Aqua Seal, Aqua Rouge, etc.) – this line was formulated for the French Synchronized Swimming team and is super duper heavy duty waterproof!

This list should have something in it that will keep your face from melting off?