You May Not Know It

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I have a lazy eye.

It isn’t that bad, but even a little “lazy” can show up if I am not careful on how I apply my makeup.

What this means is that my eyes are not symmetrical. One looks normal and the other is sort of well, lazy. For me doing a winged eye seemed impossible until I really sat down and expirimented.

Now, so you don’t have to. Here are some things that you might want to try to “open up” the lazy eye:

  • Curl the smaller eye’s eyelashes more dramatically. Apply mascara (this is probably the biggest difference for me – but my lashes fall flatter on one eye because of it being closed a bit more than the other).
  • If you apply eyeliner below the on the lower lash line, put the line slightly lower down than you would normally on the smaller eye, even 1/16th of an inch is a huge difference in eye shape. Please note that I am not talking about the inner rim.
  • If you have a flesh colored eyeliner (or… a thin concealer pencil) sweep it once across the bigger eye’s inner rim… but heavier on the smaller eye’s inner rim. You can use white, but I find it looks a bit unnatural.
  • Thin eyeliner on lashline of both eyes; slightly thicker on the smaller eye. Or tightline the smaller eyelid and keep the lashline’s eyeliner even on both eyes. This goes to hell if your eyeliner takes up your whole lid while your eyes are open.

It’s all about experimenting.

You’ll just need to play around a bit to figure it out/find where you’re comfortable.

It’s tricky because in your effort to make your eyes look even, your makeup will begin to look uneven. It was really helpful to take pictures of before/after trying each technique, then adding on more each time etc.

What I noticed from doing this is that the eyelashes on the bigger eye are sitting at a higher angle on the eyeball, so they look longer because they’re closer to the eyebrow. If you make the smaller eye’s lashes “reach higher” by curling them more it can create a nice illusion.

I find the fake lashes do make a nice difference actually, definitely try it out.

They’re not too expensive anyway. They’re just very hard to put on I find, kind of hard for everyday makeup.

As for cat eyes, well I can’t help you with those, I’m having the same battle myself.

Just so you have a point of reference as to how much each technique is helping your situation.