Organize Your Makeup

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Staying organized is one of the most important things about being incharge of your makeup. So how do you organize like a boss?

Priceline do a really good organiser for about $30, but I bought it about a year ago and I am not sure if it’s still in stock.

There’s also some good acrylic storage units on ebay too. EBay’s actually really good in dealing with things arriving damaged. You are entitled to a full refund if it is damaged, and if the seller drags their feet in giving you a refund, you can get eBay to step in and make sure that things work out. Plus if you pay via PayPal it’s double protection.

Also, you can get a really cheap lipstick holder from eBay sellers.

SO eBay is really cheap for acrylic organisers, Priceline and Kmart are also good. Kmart has some acrylic ones as well but also really pretty boxes or pencil holders that you could use 🙂

I also use glass cups from the daiso to put my brushes in. To be honest, if you have a small collection, get the acrylic drawers, because you’ll get the most storage for your money, they’ll look neat, and you could use them for other stuff too, like jewellery.